Fabrica Oteman

OTEMAN brings together innovation and technology to provide the optimal cutting solutions. With a design center and manufacture site placed in Barcelona, OTEMAN offers a wide range of machines to accelerate the cutting process of the most difficult materials used for industrial and textile applications.

At OTEMAN we analyze and assist each customer’s requirement individually, offering the cutting technology that suits best, if needed offering a personalized project. Our specialized staff is committed to keep your equipment working, day out, giving the technical support needed to guarantee the productivity of your company.

During the last years, our company has organized a huge international distribution net comprising sectors such as automotive, aeronautic, environmental, industrial construction, medical and many other industrial areas where technical fabrics and composites are required.

Because in OTEMAN we believe in the premises, we work closely with our customers and representatives. This factor, along with our human team devoted to learn from each other, produce new ideas.